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Official Social Media Accounts

Disclaimer on Fujitsu Genenral's Official Social Media Accounts

The Fujitsu Genenral Group promotes dialogue with various stakeholders by leveraging what Social Media has to offer as a global communication platform through the Internet.

The Fujitsu General Group has the FUJITSU GENERAL Way, which defines the corporate vision, corporate values and the guidelines and the principles that employees should follow.

Please note the following disclaimer pursuant to which Fujitsu Genenral manages its Official Accounts of Social Media accounts in a consistent way with the Group's values as above.

  1. Please remember that the postings on Fujitsu Genenral's official Social Media sites may not be accurate and can be corrected later. The official statements of the company are published in Fujitsu Genenral's official website and the press release.
  2. The way the Official Accounts of Social Media are managed, e.g. responsiveness, update hours and means, can vary from account to account.
  3. We will endeavor to confirm all the posted comments and reply in a timely manner. But we will not comment on information which is sensitive to Fujitsu Genenral or our partners, employees, our customers or affiliates.
  4. Fujitsu Genenral reserves the right to use posted comments for our future business purposes, including marketing and data analysis.
  5. The Official Accounts are subject to change, or suspension or termination of partial or entire service at any time without prior notice.
  6. If you have comments or questions on Fujitsu Genenral' Official Accounts of Social Media, please send an E-mail to: [Inquiry and comments on Social Media]


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